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About US

BWI is a team of small business bookkeeping professionals, started in 2008. We work exclusively with QuickBooks Online software and can help our clients setup a new company file, catch-up on your
existing books, or clean them up if they’ve gotten messy.  We also provide software training and
specialize in ongoing monthly bookkeeping support. 

Our Mission:
We are passionate about providing personalized bookkeeping services focused on creating efficiencies
and growing your business.

We work with our clients to help streamline processes and create updated and accurate reporting, so that they have visibility into how their business is performing. This enables confident decision-making and better balance for their books and in their lives!

Our Team:

Meghan Toso, Chief Operating Officer
Meghan has over 15 years of corporate finance and business administration experience. She was also the founder and manager of Toso Insurance for 12 years. She joined BWI in 2022 to oversee the daily operations and provide direct bookkeeping services. Meghan enjoys overhauling her client’s systems and books to provide them with greater visibility into their business. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children in Oregon and Portugal.

Nicole Allen, Senior Account Manager
Nicole has been an integral part of BWI since 2016. She enjoys assisting clients with personalized care and bookkeeping support. Nicole goes above and beyond to make sure all clients are offered the highest level of customer service. Nicole enjoys spending time in Arizona with her family when she is not in Washington getting bundled up to watch her son’s hockey games.

Lois Luke, Founder
Lois has over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and administrative support. For the past six years, Lois has become an expert in medical billing services, including the setup of a practice with open enrollment insurance companies, electronic processing of insurance claims, and HIPAA-compliant standards. Lois is an active grandmother of six and enjoys spending time in Mexico.